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Social Engagement App Solutions

Our vast extending social-media app building solutions assist your business in expanding at its best, boost brand awareness and retention, enhance conversion and overall revenue as well. A quick glimpse over the business persona GoSocial can be accommodating for:

  • Media sharing social platform
  • Career-specific Social media
  • Inbound Social Networking
  • Community Social Connectivity
  • Relationship Building Social Networking Apps
  • Social Media Forum
  • Mobile Dating Apps
  • Social commerce and social rating & review
  • Social Networking Apps For Groups

GoSocial Core Modules

To build a social media app real success, it needs consisting of rich and specific features created over the customer’s expectation. Some key features are

Media Timeline

Share posts, events and videos seamlessly with intuitively.

Connect with Friends

Search for friends, build connections and share media with-in!

Like & Mark Favorite

You can like videos, Photos and published posts uploaded by users.


Instant notifications for users to keep them engaged and updated.

Smart Suggestions Mechanism

Profile, post and event suggestions according to the app-user’s engagement, data and behavior.

E3 - Enhanced Engaging Experience

With GoSocial, you can build an app which keeps user engaged and virializing the content published within


With GoSocial commenting feature viral-ize the engagement behavior.

Media Sharing

Permits users to share and follow their social acquittance postings or friends media.

Smart editing filters

GoSocial editing studio module harness users to edit their media into magically created content.

Advanced search criteria

Search through professional connections. Advance filter always engages users to search through relevant profiles.

Technology & Architecture

A scalable and encrypted enterprise social media solution integrated with cutting-edge technologies

  • Clean architectures to scale for imminent developments
  • Modular design for easy maintenance
  • Distributed server architecture to endure loads
  • Profitable development

Start Your Own Social Media Channel or App with GoSocial

If you’re in the planning phase of implementing your idea, Use GoSocial to transform your brilliant idea into a great reality.