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Feature rich solution for your HR needs

Optimize your HR process on the go with analytical features

Time Management

Cubix HappyForce provides prompt and up to date time logs and employee attendance. HR professionals can easily validate and track the check-ins and check-outs of employees. Short hours, overtime and all the necessary details about employee attendance can be managed on the go.


Employee Development

Successful organizations focus on employee training, and it’s their constant part of the play. When it comes to conducting employee training sessions, Cubix Happyforce provides a seamless feature. It helps managing training sessions and also deals with the track record of employees who have received.


Event Management

Cubix Happyforce lets you create events and all activities of it. Be it assigning different roles to various employees or carrying out all event activities swiftly; the solution provides all the necessary options for indoor and outdoor events of an organization.



Employee engagement is a critical factor in every successful organization. Cubix Happyforce empowers your employees to maintain and view their official records. Employees can apply for their leave, fill in their details and submit approvals along with other various things.



Get your in-house social media platform. With instant notifications and feeds, be updated of all workplace activities such as you do on social media platforms. Sharing ideas, discussing issues, making announcements was never this easy.


User Management

Cubix Happyforce empowers the strategic board to pick members of the organization who can access or view specific documents, locations or even modules. Moreover, geo-tracking and IPs lets you validate employee time logs including check-ins and check-outs.


Shift management

The work schedule of every organization varies upon the nature of work. Some of them prefer working on regular timings and some work round the clock in shifts. Cubix Happyforce handles rosters smartly. You can customize and create work shifts along with making periodic rotations for work.

Feature rich solution for your HR needs

Optimize your HR process on the go with analytical features
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Time Off

Make time-offs a thing of the past with Cubix Happyforce. The software tracks every employee in an organization individually.



With Cubix HappyForce, your decisions would be data-driven, and you can generate detailed reports with a few clicks.



Reach qualified and smart working professionals by our spot-on applicant tracking system.



Get custom data reports of employees, and all of the core data can be managed within a single HRIS database.

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HappyForce lets you apply a better and instant review system based on which employees get what they deserve.



Cubix HappyForce lets you automate the process of announcements and helps you in planning the desired announcements before time.


Job Portal

Cubix HappyForce includes a job portal where you can enlist jobs, filter candidates, send invitations to the potential candidates, screen-in the finalized candidates, etc. Moreover, the portal lets you take suggestions from the people within the organization whether the candidate should be hired or not.


Task Management

Every organization has its issues that need to be addressed and resolved. Cubix HappyForce empowers the resources by providing them a task management board that lets employees open an issue, discuss on it, complete it and close it after the task is completed or the issue is resolved.


Reward system

To take your organization to the next level, you have to make your employees happy by rewarding them with monetary and fringe benefits. Cubix HappyForce includes a leaderboard that awards and rewards top performers of the company suggested by employees and higher management.

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Integrated Social Media Platform

Social media is the buzz of the world, and Cubix HappyForce has it in its basket. It lets you post text-based and multimedia content. Along with a timeline having complete insights of the company, creating polls or chatting on the messenger is also available in the HappyForce.

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