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Messenger App Development Service

Develop a real-time instant messaging app with infused machine learning empowered for perfect human interaction.

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Chat anytime, Everywhere

Reach recipients and become reachable at any moment. With Cubix Chatterbot, an instant messenger app development platform, stay linked through various communication channels.

Full Customization

Highly flexible for rapid personalization, expandability, technology posts & integrations.

Completely Accessible Source Code

Enjoy complete control over your instant messaging app and its functions with the source code of the app entirely accessible.

Powered by Cloud

Host data on your preferred cloud servers to expand your instant messaging app’s resources and ease.

Powerful Technology Stack

Develop your iOS/Android instant messaging app infused by Amazon Web S3, MySQL, Erlang, Ejabberd, and much more.

What is Cubix Chatterbox?

Chatterbox, a leading instant messaging app development solution, offers an innovative way to change the way your business interacts

Interact in Groups

Announce, gel-in, authorize, get customer feedback, with various people of your social circle including friends, peers, etc.

Group Chat

Connect and communicate with numerous people by making groups for the chat.

Sync and Store

Created to make your chat app accessible from everywhere and anywhere in the world.

Social Integration

Built to rapid sign in the chat app from social accounts.

Screen Sharing

Real-time screen sharing with chat app contacts.

Instant Messaging App Development to Lead like a Pro

Combine your workforce on a single page with an Instant messenger app development service that is created for collective information handling, team conversations, and infused data sharing.

Retrievable Chats

Recover even the tiniest piece of conversation with ease.

Lightweight App

Chat app solution goes smoothly on the hardware and doesn’t require smartphones with high-end configuration.

Instant File Sharing

Share every type of content on the chat app instantly.

Chat Record Archive

Create chat logs and when needed, search the chat repositories with ease.

Adaptive Scalability

Create a chat app that is adaptable and scalable. Use a cloud storage solution to archive documents, chat logs, data, multimedia content and much more.

Coordinate in Groups

Build limitless communities of friends and coworkers.

Centralized Administration

Keep a close watch by controlling users, group categories and grant permissions within groups.

Unlimited Cloud Storage area for Media

With spacious cloud storage, never worry about the multimedia content on your chat app.

Impeccable Compatibility with all networks

Experience a seamless chat experience Adaptive connectivity founded performance for an uncompromising talk experience.

Secure Chat Experience

Our instant social messenger development platform has high-end security that ensures the secure transfer of your confidential messages.

HMAC Authentication

Assuring efficient exchange of data over numerous nodes via HMAC.

Auto-delete of Messages

Messages can be set on self-destructive mode to ensure secure personal or professional communication.

Complete Encryption

Build a wall of encryption for much secure and safe communication over the app.

Two-Step Authentication

Authenticate users of the mobile chat app via online and offline verification.

Deep Uninterrupted Integration

Step ahead of the complex integration module and enable smooth integration of information. Enjoy a perfect flow of information to sustain much more on other partner sites.

Collaborative Functions

Choose from the most desired third-party integration technology to enjoy core business benefits.

Integration of Custom API

Make use of open source API business strategy to induce end-user.

In-house SDK Solution

Give an edge to your business by leveraging from iOS, Android and web code libraries.

Streamlined Software as a Solution

Control every bit of configuration and processing of instant messaging app via a centralized admin API.

Cubix Chatter Box Integrations

Build a Facebook messenger chatbot or for any other social messaging channels