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Welcome HicTic – A Revolution in the World of Traditional Advertisement

HicTic offers an alternative route to marketing brands and increasing engagement by targeting the mobile platform.

Through the app, franchises can launch advertisement campaigns with a little twist to gain the interest of their target audience. In addition to the traditional billboard advertisements and in-app ads, HicTic helps build brand loyalty with rewards.

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HicTic Highlights

HicTic is an advertisement app for restaurant chains, renowned brands, and startups to market their products and services to a global audience. It offers an innovative way to not only increase brand awareness but also build user engagement.

The app has various in-built features that make it a revolution in the world of digital marketing. Brand owners can launch multiple campaigns for promotional offers and engage the users by having them play a game to gain rewards.

User Profiles

The app allows users to create their profiles and sign in via email or social platforms.

Brand Categories

From restaurant chains to clothing brands, electronic distributors, and more can launch campaigns on HicTic

Push Notifications

Users can turn on notifications and alerts to receive updates on active and upcoming campaigns.

In-App Rewards

Through various in-app games, users can earn coupons or cash rewards, which they can share with their friends on HicTic.

Campaign Lists

HicTic lists all active, upcoming, and ended campaigns separately, allowing users to find what they need conveniently.

Search Filters

Don’t have the time to sort through the various categories, then filter your search by brand, game category, and reward type

Advertise and Engage

What’s the point of advertising if your users don’t acknowledge it? HicTic is a platform that brings in an ROI in terms of user engagement.

Here brands from around the world can schedule advertisements for a variety of promotional offers. The admin profile allows the vendors to set a launch date for campaigns, engage users with an intriguing game and set the reward for winners.

HicTic Was Created

to revolutionize the advertising world

and build brand engagement

Campaigns, Rewards, & User Profile

HicTic leverages the power of awards to boost engagement. With cash or coupons, brands can encourage user interaction. From a choice of multiple game categories, vendors pick one for users to play and earn prizes.

Furthermore, brands have the liberty to set a validity date for coupons and limit the number of people with whom you can share them. They can set the time and date for launching advertisements, and users receive notifications counting days until the campaign is active. The app displays both running, upcoming, and ended campaigns under different tabs allowing users to keep track.

HicTic also enables users to create and edit their profiles and upload profile images to have their rewards and favorite campaigns available in one place. Members can also turn app notifications on and off for campaigns. Tap on the campaign image to view the prize, number of users online, and the total interested parties.

UI/UX Design

HicTic has a phenomenal user interface for exceptional user experience. Brands can launch campaigns, select game and reward type, and set the schedule for when it goes live, and more. The unique feature of HicTic is that it displays the brand logo within the games as well. So, if Burger King chose a delivery game with their campaign, its logo thumbnail will appear within the vacant surfaces inside the game.

The app also has separate screens to show notifications and rewards. Furthermore, users can sort through the catalog by filtering the search by game categories, brand name, and reward types.