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Introducing Curious – An Anonymous Social Platform to Express Your True Self!

Ever struggled with anxiety when posting on social platforms? Curious is a revolution in the world of digital socializing, where it offers users a platform to express themselves with complete anonymity.

Explore places to visit, different events, and expand your social circle on the web with Curious. The app offers multiple exciting features allowing users to post videos, images, text, or audio content to share with the world.

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Curious Highlights

Curious Highlights Curious is a social platform that offers users complete anonymity to express their thoughts freely. It is the embodiment of the statement, 'freedom of speech.'

The app offers multiple features for phenomenal user experience. From separate user logins to geotagging on posts, in-app chat, navigation, and more are integrated within the app. Individuals can find places to visit in their vicinity or discover the most happening events. Users can also find groups and connect with individuals around the world with similar interests.

User Profiles

Sign up with a social account or email ID to register with Curious and discover the world around you.


Connect with individuals who share similar interests and build your social circle via in-app chat.

Freemium Model

Users can enjoy some features for free when they sign up, while others come at a small price.

In-App Geolocation

All posts are tagged with geolocation making it easy to search for relevant content based on location.

Share Content

Users are free to share all types of content, including text, audio, video, or static images.

Find a Group

Find Groups of various domains with members of your locality or around the globe.

Explore Your Interests

Acknowledging the need for users to protect their identity, Curious connects diverse individuals from around the world with complete anonymity. The app displays usernames instead of real names throughout the app.

With separate logins and profiles, individuals can sign up with social accounts or an email ID to anonymously share pictures, upload audios or videos, and text posts. Explore top tourist attractions or join popular groups of interest and expand your social circle across the globe!

Curious Was Designed

To break social barriers and unite

The world's population

Discover the World Around You

The unique feature of Curious is that it offers a ton of content based on the user's location. The geotagging attribute ensures that people only see posts of their immediate vicinity. For travelers, it is a way to share pictures of their adventures and for tourists to discover the town like a local. Furthermore, the app features a Visited Places tab as a memento to rediscover destinations where you traveled recently or years ago.

Furthermore, users can expand or limit the location coverage radius to see posts from near or far areas. It allows individuals to customize their feed and only receive updates on locations of their interests.

There are also groups to join and interact with others who share similar passions. Additionally, while Curious offers complete anonymity throughout, the Groups are a different story. The members' list displays the actual names instead of usernames, allowing individuals the opportunity to connect with people on a personal level. Curious is a social app that offers users the freedom to express themselves without fear of repercussions.

Curb Your Curiosity of the World

For those curious about the latest happenings or want quick updates on the nearest trendy locations, Curious is the app that offers a phenomenal experience. It has an intuitive UI and easy navigation from one screen to the next. It provides separate logins and profiles, customizable feed, and multiple communities to explore and discuss shared interests.

The app is a freemium model, meaning, for some features, users would need to get a VIP membership or purchase coins from the in-app store. So, not only does Curious allows users to increase their social network, but it also provides a chance to stay on top of the latest activities in the area.